Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting June 15, 2016

Here is a summary of chapter business from the meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 in Leonard Texas Todd, Bryan, Terry Doonan, and Keith were present Chuck Allen was also present.  Juan, Cathy, and Russell were not present however they were available by phone

The board minutes from May 12, 2016 were approved as written

The following agenda items were tabled until further notice: recruitment, treasurer duties and responsibilities, playoff eligibility and training.

Chuck provided a financial report that shows that with the exception of approximately $400 all outstanding money has been collected the current chapter balance is $16,307.15 less the $5000 check for Bruce's scheduler duties and the $4000 that we collected for officials for next year's dues. Leaving approximately $7307.15 available for expenses. Chuck and Brian spent time at alliance Bank in Rockwall and got all of the signature card paperwork updated for the next season

Keith identified chapter members for his ethics committee the following people will be utilized if there is a written and or documented case of official misconduct for the upcoming season Al Alvarez, Buck Edwards, Rennie Aguirree and Coach Hafer

Todd tasked Brian with contacting A&M commerce in regards to New official availability as well as sending an arbiter blast to coaches asking if they have any students who are interested in officiating

The board discussed and it was approved that any school 3A or below that we service will not use three person mechanics unless requested by the coach and officials are available

The topic of adding schools and not servicing schools was discussed and the following information was provided if we add schools Farmersville and Tom Bean have requested to use us this next season Bruce asked that if we add schools that we lose or drop 2 to 4 schools. The following schools were identified as schools that we may potentially drop. In order: Boles, Trenton, Wolfe City, and Sulphur Springs.  Boles and Trenton because of fan and coach behavior towards our officials.  Wolfe city because the boys basketball coach has contacted the Paris chapter inquiring about using Paris next season. Sulfur Springs because of traveling distance.

A vote on this matter was tabled so that Todd could contact the Wolf city girls coach to get clarification on their officiating position.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM