You Decide


Supper funny and I think some of these conversations may actually happen.


Serious videos:

Watch this video very closely.  It was very controversial Texas girl's playoff game with a berth to the finals in 2014.  The controversy was there was no foul called before the horn as you never hear the horn blow in the video.  However the end result was correct, but what should have been called is traveling before the shot.  She takes 3 steps before shooting and getting fouled.


From this angle on the video, it is very hard to see if there was actual contact on the shot that was called a foul.  If you look closely it looks like it might have been the wrong call.  However, the initial call that is missed is the defender on the inbound play steps out of bounds which should have resulted in a delay of game.  However, the official that is making the call looks like he is trying to make up the call in his head on the way to the table.  Be very certain in these situations that you know the call.


There are 3 plays showing different block/charge scenarios.  Play 1 is a charge on the pass, Play 2 looks like a good no call and a possible flop.  Play 3 is called correctly and is a charge.




Good pregame